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“Simone was a pleasure to work with. She took direction well, and gave a top-notch character performance, delivering a clean, professional read. Would recommend!”

- Brick and Tackle, NYC


“Simone was a pleasure to work with throughout our project. She was professional, timely and communicative. I highly recommend utilizing Simone for your next project.”

-AtmosFX, CA


“Simone is a dream to work with. Beyond having a very marketable voice, she's extremely professional and responsive. Would love to work with her anytime.”

-Anthem Pictures, AZ


“Happy with the outcome and versions Simone provided. Good understanding of our initial brief and comments helped us get a quick and quality outcome on the first attempt.”

-Brandkind, International


“And man! How that enhanced my experience! Simone Stevens, take a bow! You are one heck of a narrator! This wasn't just a narration, it was an outstanding acting performance. So many distinct voices for each character, such feelings inserted in every sentence, such fabulous enacting of sounds such as laughter... I've rarely enjoyed an audiobook as much as I did this one.” (READ MORE)

-The Storygraph, for the audiobook “One Great Gnome” by Jeff Dinardo


“Simone did an amazing job with the narration of my book. She kept the many voices distinctive and appropriate for the characters. Also, just her voice was a pleasure to listen to. It kept the story flowing. A real pleasure to listen to.”

-Jeff Dinardo

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