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Greettings fellow earthling! Simone here, professional voice over coach and demo producer. I love working with people on their VO skills, almost as much as I love doing VO myself. It should be fun, exploratory, and inspiring. Sooooo, I propose, for what it's worth:


If you are new, before you spend all of your money on fancy equipment(haha...gulp..)come see if you LIKE or LOVE it first, with me or another coach. If we are not a match, I can happily refer you to someone who is, to one of my fellow coaches who might be more targeted in your niche. If you are not new, and want to check in, recharge, revisit, or learn a new exercise, I am here:)

Things we will dive into:

  • Connecting to copy as you, yourself; using your life and the people in it. Lotta material there.....

  • Improv techniques to discover more meaning and choices in your script.

  • Having..ummmm...dare we with copy. We are not curing cancer here...well some copy might be supporting that endeavor, but you get the point:)

  • Speaking in subtext. Finding what it is really saying. Become a stronger script interpreter. 

  • Exploring different genres of copy, and the different subsets of skills they require; character work vs commercial, etc.

  • Character work, for the MANY ways in which it is used in voice overs, NOT just animated pixar films;)

  • SELF DIRECTION, and why this skill is more important than ever.

  • How to launch into copy in a grounded way.  What comes out of your mouth first, that is not the actual script.

  • And more.


"Working with Simone is a sheer delight! From her easy breazy affirming personality, to her thoughtful direction and colorful way of painting a picture, Simone gets you to the creative space you need to be in to make any script sparkle and shine. . . while having some fun with it along the way."

- Michelee B.


"Simone is an AMAZING coach. Not only is she incredibly versatile as an experienced VO artist, she's patient, flexible, and easygoing for nervous first-timers like me. She'll also tell you what you need to hear—and not just what you want to hear, which is the sign of a truly committed teacher. 10/10 would work with Simone again!"

- Liz S.


"Not only was Simone SUCH a blast to work with, but I learned so much more than I ever thought I could in a short period of time. Every session felt so personalized to me and my voice. She took the time to help me figure out 'my niche' but also pushed me outside of my comfort zone and encouraged me to try new things."

-Kelsey M.

"Simone was, simply put, the best coach I could have ever had as I entered the world of voiceover. Her coaching with kindness, building on strengths developed in previous sessions created confidence and excitement. Our coaching sessions increased my desire to grow and learn. I can’t sing (or voice!) her praises enough! 

J.S. C.

"Coaching with Simone is both challenging and rewarding. In our work together, she has always been professional, personable, encouraging, and exacting, drawing on her talent and experience to help me grow as a VO artist, as well as helping me navigate and deal with the ups and downs of the industry."  

-Robert B.

"Simone is attentive and intuitive with attention to details. She listens carefully and guides you expertly. It is hard work, but so much fun. Simone challenges you in a way that brings out your best. Not long after I finished my coaching sessions with Simone, I was offered an opportunity to do some voice acting. Because of the techniques, advice, and practice she provided I felt prepared to make that leap. I’m pleased to say, the result was met with great reviews. I would not have been able to have had that success without the invaluable coaching Simone provided. If you want to learn from someone whose personality sparkles, whose guidance is practical and professional, who encourages you to play and explore, and who takes your goals as seriously as you do, Simone is that person."

-Dianne E.

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