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  • The Dr. Who parodies, by veteran animator Dominic Polcino (Rick and Morty, King of the Hill, Simpsons.)

  • Hollywood and Vine, a show interviewing voice actors and talking vino! I wrote and sang the theme song. 


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Simone Stevens here. I'm a voice actor based in New York and Los Angeles. Trained in musical theatre, improv, and voice-over, I've voiced projects with networks (MTV, Nickelodeon, HGTV) and companies (KitchenAid, Clorox, and many more) for over a decade. 


After traveling the world by boat, twice, sharing cramped quarters with people from around the globe, years later I find myself in a little, darkened black booth, working with inspired individuals from all over the world to get the performance their project deserves. Whether it is a commercial, promo, industrial, audiobook or animation spot..let's play...but also work..ahem..


If you would like to explore a bit, send me your copy with a wee note and I can give you a custom sample of your script, character, etc. What are you up to? It would be my pleasure. I also happen to love the art of collaboration.

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MKH 416 Sennheiser 

Macbook Pro

Twisted Wave


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